Precise Science

Organic Nation goes to great lengths to ensure that the actives used in products have quantifiable research proven results.

Skincare companies have been notorious for using subjective descriptions such as “diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. What does that really mean?

Organic Nation ensures that the quantifiable results are documented and lists the exact actives used.

Some actives are more effective for anti-ageing from individual to individual, so we use a unique combination across several products to ensure you have the opportunity to achieve the best possible results.

Just as a personal trainer would use a number of different exercises to deliver a desired result we also provide a variety of options for the best result.

We use 3 different types of cosmeceutical anti-ageing peptides:

  • One to decrease inflation and desensitize the skin
  • One to enhance collagen production
  • One to enhance elastin

We also use stem cell science to improve epidermis regeneration and thickness. A vital function in addressing the issues of ageing skin.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are also used extensively as significant research has shown the effectiveness of these ingredients in acting to regenerate aged and sun damaged skin to fight the ageing process.