Organic Nation lands in Canada!

Organic Nation lands in Canada!

If you’re looking for a skincare brand that genuinely delivers the results you want while staying true to values such as protecting nature and the environment, Organic Nation is for you. The founders, Vanessa and George Jilly are leaders of the wellness lifestyle and have invested 25 years in holistic skincare brands. After years working with a few different companies and introducing Aveda to Australia, they reset the standards in organic ingredients, cosmeceutical performance, sustainability, transparency and accessibility, thus creating Organic Nation.

Organic Nation is good for all skin types and believes that products should be multi-functional, targeting a wide range of different skin concerns. From the Supernatural8 Recovery Oil which can be used on your skin, hair and cuticles, to the Detoxifying Clay Whip that serves your skin as a weekly mask or daily spot treatment.

The way products are developed and the ingredients we let absorb into our skin are becoming vital factors to consumers. Organic Nation uses a soil to skin philosophy, green chemistry and certified organic ingredients to ensure the purity and quality of their skincare lines. (Read more about this on our Science page!)

Organic Nation is carried at The Spa Magnolia, along with other spas in Canada. Sometimes taking the leap into a new skincare routine can be daunting. Why not test them out first with a soothing Organic Nation Facial – now on special for the month of May at the Spa Magnolia! You can experience a full range of the products first hand and get expert recommendations by the talented and experienced estheticians. The Organic Nation Facial is safe for all skin types and skin concerns.

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