Save your Skin

July 22, 2019


Organic Nation’s Hydration Rescue Gel has always been a saviour for my face, but this cautionary tale gives it’s “Rescue” title a whole new meaning. Read More
Remember when coconut oil was all the hype? Coconut oil for a hair mask, coconut oil on your face, coconut oil to clean your mouth? Even cooking with coconut oil! Well I am here to tell you that it was no lie – natural oils are extremely beneficial for the body internally and externally. But there are other oils out there arguably better when used as a topical product. So great in fact, that Organic Nation has harnessed 8 oils and super fruit vitamins into the incredibly light and beautifully smelling Supernatural 8 Recovery Oil! This product was designed to smooth, hydrate and detoxify while balancing out uneven skin tone Read More
There are many reasons why I love serums but one of the most important is that they are often specifically designed for skin concerns. Every ingredient has a purpose behind it and works its distinct magic to my skin type. Organic Nation’s done an incredible job in creating products that work wonders on skin types across the board. For example the Citrus Foaming Cleanser, Black Rice Scrub and More Than Rose Hydration Mist can be used on all skin types and actually work on all skin types. The serums are more targeted and have been specially formulated for different reasons. Allow me to enlighten you… Read More

I have noticed a big “self-care” movement happening in the last few years. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and understanding the importance of this more and more. As our lives busy up with work, friends, family, etc. it’s important that we don’t forget about taking care of ourselves once in a while. Because you know what? We deserve it. Next time you find yourself with a spare moment (I know it can be a rarity for some), think about doing something truly beneficial for no one else except you.

One of my favourite self-care rituals is to do a facial. However, sometimes my schedule (and/or budget) does not agree. But with just a few products from my favorite skin care brand, I can actually do one at home! The best part is it requires no professional training and once you have the products it costs $0.00.

Here’s how I do my at home Organic Nation Facial:

Step 1: Cleanse with the Citrus Foaming Cleanser

I like to remove my makeup prior to cleansing. This way the bulk of it is already off my face and the cleanser will take care of any residue I may have missed. Next, I wet my face and neck with warm water and massage 1-2 pumps of the Citrus Foaming Cleanser all over, making sure I do a nice, thorough clean. This soothing and refreshing cleanser is recommended for all skin types and leaves a soft touch without that drying feeling.

Step 2: Exfoliate with the Black Rice Scrub

With my face still slightly damp from rinsing the cleanser, I then apply a dime size amount of the Black Rice Scrub. This scrub is designed to smooth, exfoliate and resurface the skin. I like to move the scrub around my face and neck for a solid few minutes to help increase blood flow. The active ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera, black rice, activated bamboo charcoal, Gingko and Ginseng all work together to deliver amazing benefits to the skin.

Step 3: Hydrate with the More than Rose Hydration Mist

After gently patting my face dry, I spritz a few times with the incredibly refreshing More than Rose Hydration Mist. The aroma of Damask Rose is intoxicating and it adds an extra step of hydration. I not only use this product every day after cleansing but I love spraying it throughout the day for a cooling pick-me-up.

Step 4: Masque with the Detoxifying Clay Whip

My favourite part about this facial is looking like I just emerged from a bath full of green paint! In all seriousness, this masque feels absolutely amazing on the skin and always leaves me glowing the next day. I personally like to apply it with a brush, but if you don’t have one handy feel free to spread it with your fingers into a nice even layer all over the face and neck. I leave this to sit for about 15 minutes. This is a great time to sip a cup of tea, read, scroll through Instagram or anything else you find relaxing. After the 15 minutes I wet a cloth with warm water to remove it.

Step 5: Supplement and Support with a Serum

I have been using (and loving!) Skinfood4 serum but there are 3 others to choose from depending on your skin type and skin convers. One pump of this vitamin packed serum is enough to cover my whole face. If you have a favorite eye cream this is a great time to apply it as well!

Step 6: Ultimate Hydration with the Rescue Gel

Because my skin is oily, I top off this facial with the Hydration Rescue Gel. It’s oil-free and lightweight while still using active ingredients like Calendula and Comfrey to help reduce the effects of ageing, sun damage, redness, inflammation and dryness. The gel texture feels extremely soothing and a soft plumping action provides a natural lift to the skin.

So there you have it! Six steps of luxury that can be done in 30 minutes or less. Taking this time for myself and doing something I know if beneficial for my skin leaves me feeling like I’m floating on a cloud for the rest of the day.


By Laura Findlay

Skinfood 4: my latest obsession. I had been patiently waiting to use up my previous serum, and finally that last pump hit my face. The serum was my last step in the process of slowly converting all of my products to Organic Nation. I now have pretty much the whole collection – I know what I like okay? Read More
In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th), the Australian skincare company partnered with Freeset to create a small bag of four of their amazing products in travel sizes including a 50ml Citrus Foaming Cleanser, 50ml Black Rice Scrub, 15ml Hydration Day Cream and 15ml Eye Matrix Cream (all carry-on friendly at the airport!). Read More

Skin Rescue !

October 04, 2018


One of the things I love about Organic Nation is how multi-functional their skincare has proven to be, but I think the Hydration Rescue Gel may take the cake. I’ve used this product as a moisturizer on its own, under another moisturizer for double hydration, for relief of sun burn, for hair removal irritation, to reduce redness, to soothe itching, to help scars and the list goes on. I have to be a little biased here (you will be too once you try it!) but the Hydration Rescue Gel is one of my favourite products I’ve ever owned. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic but let me tell you why I’m so adamant about this gel.

The light texture and the powerful ingredients combined together create a soothing and refreshing feel like nothing else – you truly feel your skin being “rescued” as it sinks in. The supreme natural ingredients provide an anti-ageing component by reducing the effects of sun damage, redness, inflammation and dryness while plumping up the skin with a bit of a lift.

  • Certified Organic Aloe Gel - mucopolysaccharides in aloe vera provide a natural moisturising
    factor for the skin and has been used for centuries for its ability to reduce inflammation and soothe irritation
  • Kakadu Plum – The world’s highest source of Vitamin C, this phenomenal fruit provides anti-ageing protection, nourishment and super hydration
  • Carageenan Extract – Illumination, firmness and a soothing element all from extracts of Red Edible Seaweed
  • Calendula and Comfrey – Both provide sensitive and dry skin withunmatched therapeutic support and have been used for centuries for their anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects

All in all, the Hydration Rescue Gel is something I will be keeping on my shelf for many different reasons. Pro tip: If you have an oilier skin texture, this makes a wonderful oil free moisturizer that can be used daily! If you need a boost, pair with the Hydration Day Cream and/or the More Than Rose Mist.

By Laura Findlay

Hydration Station

August 17, 2018


Plant stem cell science brings us the most beautifully light, organic moisturizer of your dreams. Organic Nation’s Hydration Day Cream uses nourishing plant emollients and a team of powerful ingredients to improve skin tone and elasticity while nourishing and hydrating. A pearl sized amount used as a daily moisturizer will refresh and regenerate your skin.

What’s special about these ingredients and how do they work?

Indian Gentian Leaves

Swertiamarin, the active ingredient found in these leaves is capable of stimulating skin proliferation to self-generate thin epidermis and improve the look of ageing skin. This same type of plant stem cell science is used to treat burn injuries.

Kakadu Plum

Used in many Organic Nation products, this impressive fruit is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C in the world. What are the benefits of this super essential vitamin? Slowing signs of ageing, protecting skin from the environment, strengthening skin barrier, aiding formation of collagen and smoothing skin texture.

Jojoba Oil

This oil is the closest ingredient to human sebum, making it a natural superfood for the skin. It provides a high level of hydration for all skin types while taming inflammation and breakouts, healing wounds and killing bacteria.

Argan Oil

Abundant in Vitamin E, this oil is an excellent source for protecting the skin against free radicals.

The Hydration Day cream is a superior texture that glides over the skin effortlessly. At the same time, the delightful aroma of rose and Neroli soothes the senses. Used at the end of the Organic Nation facial, this last step in your skin care routine is one of the most important, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible with this organic skin wonder!

By Laura Findlay


Rose is known as the “Queen of Essential Oils”. Held in high respect around the world for its irresistible aroma and its ability to calm, soothe, repair and awaken. Rose mist is frequently used for its hydrating and refreshing qualities. But this is not just a rose mist. This is more. This is the Organic Nation “More Than Rose Hydration Mist”. What makes this particular mist so special is the ingredients and their unique benefits:

Damask Rose

Highly sought after in the world of essential oils, Damask rose is effective in reducing inflammation and redness while it works to repair damaged capillaries. As you spray to calm the skin, breathing in the aroma can have a serious calming effect on the nervous system, aiding to slow heart rate and clear the mind.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

If Damask Rose is the “Queen of Essential Oils”, Aloe Vera is the “Wand of Heaven”. Used for centuries for its healing properties, this heavenly plant quenches the skin and repairs essential properties needed to maintain moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid

An essential in retaining moisture, Hyaluronic acid is used to support skin structure an increase levels of hydration. Some of its other functions are: anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and regulator of tissue repair.

Tazman Pepper, Riberry and Muntari Berry

Extremely high in anti-oxidants, this powerful blend of “superberries” provide an immediate hydrating effect while working deeper to improve long-term skin radiance and moisture.

Together these ingredients work immediately and continuously to soothe and hydrate the skin while refreshing your senses and calming your mind. Apply after cleansing, and spray throughout the day anytime you need an awakening boost!



Laura Findlay

Ahh… the Detoxifying Clay Whip. One of my favourite Organic Nation products – and trust me it is hard to play favourites with this skin care line! Will you look like a green faced swamp monster with this mask on? Yes. Should you apply it in the comfort of your own home or your favourite Organic Nation spa? Probably. Will the benefits of the ingredients make your skin so clear and soft you can hardly believe it’s your own face? Absolutely. Let me break it down for you.

This aromatic deep cleansing clay masque extracts impurities from congested skin, leaving your face feeling cool and clear. Designed for all skin types, this masque can be used as a weekly clarifying treatment, a daily T-Zone decongestant and a spot treatment. Plus it smells amazing with aromas of frankincense, orange and tea tree.

What is it made from?

Kaolin and Bentonite Clay – Did you know clay has been used medicinally for centuries as a tool to draw out toxins and infections from the body? Kaolin and Bentonite clay are used to clear pores from build-up of debris and bacteria and deliver plant extracts into the skin.

Kakadu Plum – Contains a potent amount of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants proven to delay signs of ageing by smoothing skin texture and promoting collagen growth. Kakadu also acts as an environmental protectant to strengthen the skin’s barrier and defend against free radical damage.


Sea Kelp – This anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory super-ingredient is abundant in essential amino acids and nutrients to keep skin hydrated and aids in maintaining elasticity.

The Detoxifying Clay Whip provides skin with a deeper purifying treatment that will have your face and neck feeling as clean as ever! Organic Nation Hint: mix in a small around of Black Rice Scrub for double the exfoliation and follow with one of our serums – the pores will be prepped and ready to let the serums penetrate deeper into the skin.


Laura Findlay