Do You Need a Night Cream?

You know when you get into those “shopping moods”? Well, I do. I get this urge to just buy something, anything! This usually ends up being a new skincare product I’ve been wanting to try because I’ll admit, I’m a skincare junkie. This week I found myself scouring the spa for something I have yet to try and landed on night creams. But do I really need a whole new product just for night time? Is it just a marketing hoax or is there something to it?

If you think about it, our skin goes through a much different cycle while we sleep. During the day we are exposed to different weather, environmental factors, sun damage, pollution in the air, etc. Whereas at night we are usually in rest mode and get to sleep indoors without rain, wind, sun or gunk in the air being a factor. So this is the best time to use a more active and nourishing product to help our skin repair from the day’s activities and soak up some protective ingredients.

After considering a few options I landed on Organic Nation’s Absolute Night Cream. This product is truly one of the most amazing things in the whole line. It has all the most powerful and active ingredients, plus it contains two potent peptides. Acetyl-Octapeptide-3 which is known as the natural alternative to botox, helps soften the pesky little lines we get from smiling and frowning. The Acetyl Hexapeptide-49 is the restorative and soothing peptide. This works to reduce any inflammation or irritation and restore hydration and softness that may have been affected during the day.

The third magical ingredient in this luxurious cream is the Indian Gentian Leaf. Swertiamarin, the active ingredient found in the Gentian Leaf is capable of stimulating skin proliferation to self-regenerate thin epidermis and improve the look of ageing skin. It has even been used in treating burn victims, thanks to its therapeutic properties.

These powerhouse ingredients paired with certified organic Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter deliver a nutritious night time renewal for the skin. The exquisite plant oils work to fortify the skin while the light, calming aroma of lavender helps you sleep. It is the absolute experience!

So if you are left wondering, yes I did feed my “I need to buy something” craving with the Absolute Night Cream. After research and trial of this product I can never go back to not having a night cream! I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed, bouncy and incredibly hydrated. I know all the natural ingredients have soaked into my skin overnight and prepared me for the next day. Even if I wake up not feeling quite ready to get started, at least I know my skin is!

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