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Organic Nation’s Hydration Rescue Gel has always been a saviour for my face, but this cautionary tale gives it’s “Rescue” title a whole new meaning. Working in the spa/skincare industry, you’d think that sun protection would be my number one priority. I’ve seen the affect sun damage can have on skin and it’s not easy to reverse. But somehow, on a recent trip with my girlfriends, on a seemingly cloudy day at the beach, the importance of sunscreen slipped my mind. Boy, did I pay for it.

After 4 hours unprotected, the cloud-covered sun penetrated through and left me with a second degree burn from my right shoulder to wrist. It was awful. It was painful, uncomfortable and unbelievably hot. After the blistering, the skin hardened and then started to peel. Not pretty. This painful process went on for about 2 full weeks before it started to heal.

One of the products that brought me great relief was the Rescue Gel. Between yogurt, Aloe Vera, oils, tomatoes (totally serious-google made me do it) and assorted after-sun products, the Rescue Gel came out on top. It’s soothing and repairing benefits are unmatched. The Certified Organic Aloe Gel was extremely refreshing and reduced my swelling and heat. Kakadu Plum, a superfruit, kept my skin hydrated and doused with Vitamin C. The wound healing aspects of Calendula and Comfrey really sped up my healing process and reduced the inflammation on my arm and shoulder.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. Although I love it as my oil-free daily moisturizer, the healing benefits it has are incredible. I’ve used it for sunburns (never again!), razor burn, eczema, dryness, rashes, etc. It’s my amazing smelling, super soothing do-it-all gel. Without this product my burn could have been even worse, the healing time would have been far more extended and probably would have left a scar. Though I should have been sun smart in the first place, every once in a while it does slip my mind. Especially if it doesn’t seem sunny out, those rays have a sneaky way of getting you. I’m so grateful I knew about this product to help me through my self-inflicted pain!

By Laura Findlay

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