If you’re a skin care nut like myself and are passionate about organic beauty and skin care, you’ve probably heard about the use of “peptides” in skin care products. Organic Nation is dedicated to using real, plant-based science to drive results and peptides are one of the revolutionary ways they’re achieving it. But what is a peptide and what kind of benefits does it have in store for your skin?

In short answer, a peptide is a building block of a protein. Proteins are made of peptides and peptides are made of amino acids. When two or more amino acids form together in a linked chain, this creates a specific type of peptide, and when two or more peptides form together it then creates a specific protein. See, chemistry is easy right? We all know that protein is good for our bodies and incorporating it into our diet can have amazing benefits on our health. Let’s take a look at what amazing benefits these little protein blocks have on our skin!

Organic Nation’s precise science philosophy makes use of a unique combination of peptides across the product lines to ensure different skin types are given the opportunity to inherit the best results possible. They use 3 different types of cosmeceutical anti-ageing peptides: one to decrease inflation and desensitize the skin, one to enhance collagen production and one to enhance elastin. Proteins are fundamental in skin health – the same way they help us build muscle, they also help our skin remain intact and protect from loss of firmness, appearance of wrinkles, uneven textures and decreased elasticity.

Unfortunately, many skincare companies loosely throw around lines like “wrinkle reduction”, “skin firmness” and “appearance of fine lines”. The difference between these companies and Organic Nation comes down to the science. Beyond using certified organic ingredients, Organic Nation has gone to great lengths to prove results with quantifiable research that we as consumers can trust. By using this research and integrating the use of peptides, stem cell science and vitamins, the results are not only proven on paper, but are proven on your skin.


Laura Findlay

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