More Than Rose Hydration Mist


Rose is known as the “Queen of Essential Oils”. Held in high respect around the world for its irresistible aroma and its ability to calm, soothe, repair and awaken. Rose mist is frequently used for its hydrating and refreshing qualities. But this is not just a rose mist. This is more. This is the Organic Nation “More Than Rose Hydration Mist”. What makes this particular mist so special is the ingredients and their unique benefits:

Damask Rose

Highly sought after in the world of essential oils, Damask rose is effective in reducing inflammation and redness while it works to repair damaged capillaries. As you spray to calm the skin, breathing in the aroma can have a serious calming effect on the nervous system, aiding to slow heart rate and clear the mind.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

If Damask Rose is the “Queen of Essential Oils”, Aloe Vera is the “Wand of Heaven”. Used for centuries for its healing properties, this heavenly plant quenches the skin and repairs essential properties needed to maintain moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid

An essential in retaining moisture, Hyaluronic acid is used to support skin structure an increase levels of hydration. Some of its other functions are: anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and regulator of tissue repair.

Tazman Pepper, Riberry and Muntari Berry

Extremely high in anti-oxidants, this powerful blend of “superberries” provide an immediate hydrating effect while working deeper to improve long-term skin radiance and moisture.

Together these ingredients work immediately and continuously to soothe and hydrate the skin while refreshing your senses and calming your mind. Apply after cleansing, and spray throughout the day anytime you need an awakening boost!



Laura Findlay

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